Are You Focused on What Really Matters

Are You Focused on What Really Matters

To these ideas of Bernice Ross I would add exercises that I believe originally came out of What Color is Your Parachute.  A career counselor first asked me these questions thirty years ago.

  1. List 5 accomplishments in your life about which you are the most proud?
  2. What did you do to make them happen?
  3. What about doing them made you feel really good?

Then I would ask:

What do you really want?

by Bernice Ross

It’s 2010. Chances are you made some New Year’s Resolutions [last January]. A good question to ask is, “Are you paying attention to what really matters?” To determine what matters most in your life, answer the three following questions:

  1. Name the three most memorable events in your life.
  2. Name the five most important people in your life.
  3. Name three things you wish you had more time to do.
  4. Name three people you would like to spend more time with (and include the activity where you would be together.)

Did any of these include work? If you’re like most people, probably not. Unfortunately, our society often portrays being a “workaholic” as something noble—”The market is really tough. I have to 16 hours a day if we’re going to succeed!” “We both have to work—the kids would be stuck in a lousy apartment and a lousy school if we don’t!” “My clients need me—I have to be available when they call.”

If you look back on your past, chances are pretty good that your most precious memories are not of work—they’re of times spent doing special things with those you love or times you’ve taken time for you. So the next time you’re considering missing time with loved ones to stay at work or putting off caring for yourself because work is more important, remember what matters.

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