Buyer from hell

How to Avoid Becoming the Home Buyer that Real Estate Sellers Hate

Persona is a critical aspect of getting what you want. When people like you, it will be easier for you to sway them and make them give in to a request or demand. This may sound blunt, but it is what it is.

Sellers actually have an amusing term for problem buyers—they often call them “buyers from hell.” It’s so easy to become one if you’re not careful. After all, home buying represents a huge investment wherein stress and emotions can easily get in the way. To avoid becoming a home buyer from hell, here are the signs to look out for.

Being too confrontational

Sometimes, a buyer will look at a home and formulate his own idea of how much the property should cost, without considering other not-so-obvious-but equally-important factors, such as market value, location, and upgrades. Others could even turn confrontational, which can be embarrassing especially if they haven’t done their homework. Make sure you are accurately informed about the property before you offend the seller, or you could lose the chance to own the property of your dreams.

You’re striving for perfection

It’s okay to want your expectations met, but if you’re going to be nitpicky about every little thing, especially if the transaction is well underway, you risk losing out on a potentially good buy. The home that you’re looking for could be right under your nose, but if you stubbornly stick to your list of criteria, you may end up losing it. Other buyers would only look for problems once the closing is drawing near. Don’t be that buyer.


Are you the type of buyer who’s always comparing everything to a real estate property that you have seen or lost before? If you’re so focused on finding a similar property, you could end up failing to recognize the good aspects of the property in front of you. Have the confidence to choose a property that suits your lifestyle and personality, instead of someone else’s.

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