Boman Acres and Magnolia Terrace Neighbors Meet the Storage Station to Discuss PUD-767 and Rezoning from RS-3 to OL/PUD

Bowman Acres IV and Magnolia Terrace neighbors affected by the rezoning of a triangle of land located to the south of 31st Street just west of Interstate 44 in Tulsa, Oklahoma met with the proposed developers of the land last night to express their concerns and to discuss the land use and rezoning issues involved in the placement of a storage unit facility on the property.

The discussion was both cordial and productive.  The meeting began at 6 pm with a sign-in and introductions.

The owners of  the Storage Station, Gary Harkreader and Kevin Coutant, began by showing us the pictures of their other in-fill projects in Midtown at 2915 E. 5 1st, in Brookside at 4530 S. Peoria, and at 4411 S. Sheridan (across from the Sam’s Club).

They then showed us the zoning map of the area and their proposal for the development of the land.  The project is to be developed in phases with storage units to be built on either side of the big flood control drainage ditch with a bridge between the two parcels.  The entrance to the facility will be located at a point just west of the current on-ramp to westbound I-44 and the Broken Arrow Expressway.

The homeowners were pleased to the receptivity of the developers to our concerns and questions.  It appears that the storage facility will be implemented in a tasteful and relatively unobtrusive way in order to fit into the neighborhood in a way that will not appear to be an eyesore.

The developers invited us to participate in the landscape planning of the border between their project and 31st Street.

Anyone interested in hearing more about the project prior to it’s consideration by the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC) can call Chris at INCOG at 918-584-7526 or visit him at INCOG on the 6th Floor, Suite 600, 201 West 5th Street, Tulsa, OK  74103.  When calling, please refer to Case number Z-7118/PUD-767.

A public hearing will be held before the Tulsa Meropolitan Area Planning Commission  (TMAPC) in the Tulsa City council Chambers, One Technology Center, 175 East 2nd Street, Second Level, Tulsa, OK at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 to consider the proposed amendment to the zoning and for the proposed Planned Unite Development.

Gary Harkreader can be reached by calling him at his office at 918-745-9702.  Kevin Coutant can be reached by calling him at his office at 918-591-5221.