Accessories, Equipment, and Systems

The Contract Delineates Exactly What is Included When You Buy A House

The Contract provides that all existing fixtures and fittings attached to the Property are included in the purchase price (unless excluded by the Seller). The Contract also lists several items (attached and unattached) that are included. These include:

  • Attic and ceiling fan(s)
  • Bathroom mirror(s)
  • Other mirrors, if attached
  • Central vaccuum and attachments
  • Floor coverings, if attached
  • Key(s) to the property
  • Built-in and under cabinet/counter appliance(s)
  • Free standing slide-in / drop-in kitchen stove
  • Built-in sound system(s)/speaker(s)
  • Lighting and light fixtures
  • Fire, smoke, and security system(s), if owned
  • Shelving, if attached
  • Fireplace inserts, logs, grates, doors, and screens
  • Free standing heating unit(s)
  • Humidifier(s) if attached
  • Water conditioning systems, if owned
  • Window treatments and coverings, interior and exterior
  • Storm windows, screens, and storm doors
  • Garage door opener(s) and remote transmitting unit(s)
  • Fences (includes sub-surface electric and components)
  • Mailboxes / Flag poles
  • Outside cooking unit(s), if attached
  • Propane tank(s), if owned
  • TV antennas / satellite dish system(s) and control(s), if owned
  • Sprinkler systems and control(s)
  • Swimming Pool / Spa equipment / accessories
  • Attached recreational equipment
  • Exterior landscaping and lighting
  • Entry gate control(s)
  • Water meter, sewer / trash membership, if owned
  • All remote controls, if applicable
  • Transferable Service Agreements and Product Warranties

If there are additional items the Buyer wants included, they should be specifically listed under “Additional Inclusions.” The Seller is bound only by what is stated in the Contract, and the Buyer should not rely on anything other than what is written in the Contract.

If there are items the Seller is not including in the purchase price, they should be specifically listed under “Exclusions.”  

It is important for the Seller to tell the listing REALTOR what they want to keep when touring the house so that the REALTOR can reserve those items in the Broker’s Remarks section of the real estate listing.

Some important examples of Reserved Items or “Exclusions” may include:

  • the dining room chandelier
  • the draperies in the Master Bedroom that were custom made and match the bedspread
  • the antique dinner bell affixed to a pole in the back yard
  • the fancy mail box
  • the koi pond
  • mineral rights, i.e., the bundle of rights to explore and produce the oil, gas, and other minerals in and under the ground.

In other words, if these items are not specifically excluded in the contract, then they go with the property when it is conveyed to the Buyer.  If it is not in the Contract, for the Seller it is “too bad… so sad.”