Flood, Storm Runoff Water, Storm Sewer Backup or Water History

Due Diligence Information for Home Buyers Who Have Successfully Contracted to Purchase a House


The City of Tulsa has an Ordinance that requires a Seller to notify a Buyer if the Seller’s property is located in an area designated by the City as a flood hazard area. Other cities may have similar ordinances. The Seller will need to contact the city officials where his property is located to determine whether there is a similar flood notification ordinance.

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to investigate the Property’s flood, storm runoff water, storm sewer backup or water history. To obtain a written Flood Hazard Evaluation, contact the Army Corps of Engineers. The customary cost of the Evaluation is $25 or $55. The Buyer can also call and make an appointment to visit the Corps of Engineers office and examine the maps and information. Phone: (918) 669-7197.


The corps of Engineers handles all of the state of Oklahoma, and there are Floodplain Administrators in every community. The Corps of Engineers can supply the Buyer with the name and phone number of the Floodplain Administrator in the community where the property is located. Call: (918) 669-7197.


The Oklahoma Floodplain Managers’ Association can be reached at 405-530-8800.


For more information on the nature of the water condition as it relates to the Property being purchased, Buyer can also contact:

  1. (In Tulsa) The Mayor’s Action Center at (918) 596-2100.
  2. (In Broken Arrow) The Emergency Management Office at (918) 8669 or email at eoc@brokenarrowok.gov
  3. City or County Engineer’s Office.
  4. Neighbors to determine if they have noticed any water problems.
  5. Online sources showing topography, such as Microsoft TerraServer, Google Earth, or Terrain Navigator Pro.


If there is a flood risk, the Lender may require the Buyer to obtain federal flood insurance. Flood insurance may also be purchased on personal property (carpets, drapes, furniture, etc.), and the Buyer should seek advice from an insurance agent.