Structural Inspections

Due Diligence Information for Home Buyers Who Have Successfully Contracted to Purchase a House

The Buyer, at the Buyer’s expense, has the right to have the Property inspected for structural defects by a licensed architect or a registered professional engineer, selected by the Buyer, or such other professional craftsmen as the Buyer may deem necessary.

The Buyer should confirm that the structural inspection includes, but is not necessarily limited to: foundation, framing, moisture infiltration, heating/cooling duct system, roof, and swimming pool / spa.

I encourage Buyers to hire a Professional Engineer or P.E. to inspect the foundation, framing, roofing, and drainage around the house.  Sometimes, if a home is inspected by a licensed home inspector, they will recommend having a P.E. come in and do a structural inspection anyway, so why not hire a P.E. at the outset?

Sometimes water has infiltrated the duct works beneath the slab and various options will need to be addressed, such as moving the air ducts above or coating them, etc.  The EMP inspector may also recommend an licensed HVAC person evaluate the duct work too.  Sometimes cameras are needed to be run through the duct work to give a full picture of the issues presented.

Sometimes the EMP inspector will recommend that a licensed plumber be hired to evaluate whether or not the sewer system is clogged with tree roots, etc.  Again, cameras can be brought it to run down the sewer line.

It gets pretty complicated when the slab or foundation starts to move, because it affects the systems as well as the structure of the home.

That’s why I like to recommend that someone get a whole house inspection where all the professionals are able to evaluate the different systems.  They all work together to give you, the future homeowner, a true picture of the condition of what you are purchasing.

Pool inspections are also important to determine what may need to be done to a swimming pool to make it operational.  In Oklahoma, at the time of this writing, there is no licensing law regarding pool inspectors, and so a reputable professional who builds and/or rehabilitates pools may be your best choice.