Mediation and Early Settlement

Contract Dispute Resolution Between Buyers and Sellers

Under the provisions of the Contract, the Buyer, the Seller, and the Brokers agree to mediate any claim arising out of a dispute in relation to the Contract. This agreement binds the parties to try to resolve a dispute through mediation before initiating any legal proceedings. Mediation settlements are binding only when the parties have signed a written settlement agreement.

Mediation is provided by the City of Tulsa’s Early Settlement Program. This program is governed by the Oklahoma Dispute Resolution Act, and Mediators are trained by the State Supreme Court.

Mediation is fast. The mediation session is usually held within two weeks after you file your complaint.

Mediation is inexpensive. the Tulsa Municipal Court system charges a nominal fee per party.

The Early Settlement program will mediate the dispute even though the Contract is on property located outside of the City of Tulsa.

To file for mediation, the Buyer or Seller will need to go to the City of Tulsa’s Early Settlement Office, City Hall, 200 Civic Center, Room 601-L, (918) 596-7786.