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Does Visualization Really Help You Get What You Want?

Does Visualization Really Help You Get What You Want? 

Today I took a different route home to pick up the mail after attending the Mike Lyon seminar on Social Networking at Tulsa’s Little Theater.

It’s not like I was depressed or anxious.  I just didn’t feel like going back to work quite yet.

So I stopped off at the Fairgrounds to see if I could find my old horse trainer at the year-end schooling show.

I really haven’t been there in years since I don’t ride any more.  It was really quiet because today they were doing the low jumps and the green horses were doing their rounds.

I sat in the stands and watched the rounds and listened to the music.  It was so rhythmic.  Just watching the horses and breathing.  For me it was meditative like yoga.

I remembered how I used to just stand at the window and watch my horses run through the front pasture.

But I am not being nostalgic.  There is something primal about watching horses — even under saddle.

I wandered off and found my friend who sells tack — she owns The Horse of Course in Claremore.  We talked until a customer came up and we were introduced.

Wouldn’t you know it  — the lady I met has a little mare for sale by a wonderful Oldenburg stallion whom I have always admired.  The mare is just getting going and so she is affordable — well, sort of — let’s say she is within reach if I sell a few nice houses.

So I went and looked at the mare and then I waited until I could watch her in the ring.

Suddenly I started realizing that I could own that mare and be riding again.  I just have to want it and make it happen.

I just came out of Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program where I was a coach.  In the Curriculum for Living we learn that we can have whatever we want in life.

There is nothing stopping me.

I want another horse.

It may be that mare.  It may be another animal.  It doesn’t matter.

I can visualize what I want.  I can feel the mane in my fingers.  It’s going to happen.

I will be buying another horse and boarding it by April 2011.  Pictures will be posted on Active Rain by June 1, 2011.

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