Have You Heard of Ike’s Chili?

It’s raining outside because Hurricane Ike (now downgraded to Tropical Storm Ike) is barreling its way into Oklahoma as I type.  We are getting lots of rain here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Do you suppose Ike has come to Oklahoma to help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ike’s Chili in Tulsa?  Our State Senator was there yesterday and so was our Mayor, Kathy Taylor, along with other dignitaries to celebrate.

According to the News on 740 KRMG, Ike’s is the longest continuously operating restaurant in the State of Oklahoma.  They also reported that Martha Stewart claims that Ike’s chili is the best chili in the country.

Ike’s Chili House is located at 5941 E. Admiral Place (east of downtown Tulsa).

There is a second Ike’s Chili at 1630 W. 51st Street on the west side of the Arkansas River.

Sounds like we should go eat there on this dark and stormy night.  Yum.