Hey Tulsa! What Do You Really Think of the New BOk Center?

I went to the Get Motivated Seminar today with a bunch of friends from Coldwell Banker.

It was the first time I have had the privilege to visit our new convention center, the BOk Center and I have to say I was overall very impressed even though I would make a few changes if I were queen of the world.

I had to get over my first impression that it looked like the space ship from Lost in Space.  Someone mentioned that it reminded her of a big roll of duck tape.

Nevertheless, it is a beautiful new facility and a tribute to our city for getting the thing built.  Downtown Tulsa has needed something to get it jump started and this just might be what we needed.

OK, OK — traffic was gridlocked at 6:30 am because 18,000 people converged on downtown Tulsa at the same time.  What else?

I am full of my own opinions, I want to hear from you!