Buying a New Home? Here’s Your Free Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide to the Home Buying Process in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Beyond

What Do Tulsa Home Buyers Need Most?

What Debbie Solano Does for Buyers

When buyers ask a REALTOR for help in buying a home, farm, ranch, or vacant land in Tulsa, what services do they really need most?

  • Help find the right home to purchase
  • Help buyer negotiate the terms of sale
  • Help with the price negotiations
  • Determine what comparable homes are selling for
  • Determine direction and velocity of market through absorption rate analysis
  • Help with paperwork
  • Help determining how much the home buyer can afford
  • Help find and arrange financing
  • Help teach buyers more about neighborhood or area (restaurants, parks, shopping, and cultural activities)

What are the steps in buying a home in Tulsa or anywhere around Tulsa? Click on the links to see the typical steps involved in each phase of the home buying process in Tulsa or in any of the communities around Tulsa.

Phase 1: Finding or Building your Dream House:
Finding or Building Your Dream House

National Association of REALTORS® Field Guides for Buyers:
NAR Field Guides: Field Guide to Due Diligence for Home Buyers