Phase 1: Finding or Building your Dream House

Information for Home Buyers Who Have Just Started to Think About Moving to Another Home


I’ll be happy to help you find the right home to fit your family’s needs and dreams at a price you can afford. However, before we can begin, I like to meet with my clients to understand their expectations, while making sure they understand the home buying process.

It helps for me to get to know you and your family before we proceed. I like to get a good idea of how your family is made up and how it functions. If necessary, I can draw a genogram to understand your family system before proceeding.

I have developed a series of questions which I have included in my Home Buyer’s Questionnaire. Please print out the web page and think seriously about the questions to gain clarity. Then call me when you are ready to get together and go over your responses with me.


While I prefer a face to face interview, we can also get to know one another over the phone. We’ll discuss your answers to the questionnaire and review your needs, expectations, and preferences. Then after reviewing the home buying process we will proceed to translate your preferences into a home search with specific features in mind.

At our initial meeting I present buyers with our Coldwell Banker Buyer Services Presentation booklet, a sample copy of our Oklahoma Uniform Contract, a hard copy of the Oklahoma Uniform Contract Information pamphlet, and some disclosure forms that buyers must read and sign when they contract to purchase a home. By going over these items up front the process will be speeded up when a house has been found. The more questions we can address early, the smoother the transaction will be and the less chaotic the experience will seem.

Specifically, we will discuss our broker services and my role as a buyer’s representative in helping you find the right home.


It will also be important for me to understand how much you can afford to spend on a home. While I will not need to know the ins and outs of your finances, I will need to know that you are financially qualified to purchase a home and in particular, how much you can spend. A mortgage lender will be happy to assist you in figuring out how much you will be paying for your new home.

I will also review what will happen when we find a home and begin the contract process. I go over what it takes to present a strong offer, such as having earnest money, having a pre-qualification letter from a lender or proof of funds from your bank to accompany the offer, what our contract looks like, and the steps following the execution of the contract leading to a successful, smooth, and timely closing.