Phase 5: The Work of the Title Attorney and the Closing Company

Information for Home Buyers

While the closing process can seem like a mysterious black box, the process is really quite simply a matter of putting together legal documents that will be filed at the court house.

The closing itself is where all the parties come together and sign all the documents at once so that the file is complete and the Property is legally transferred from the Seller to the Buyer without any loose ends hanging out when all is said and done.

There are many individuals involved. There are mortgage loan officers and underwriters at the financial institution. Then there are surveyors, an attorney, a title company which insures the work of the attorney, and paralegals or closers who are assisted by processors. In fact, there are three closers, the lender closer, the buyer closer, and the seller closer.

So when anyone says they need a document from you or a response of some kind, please respond promptly to the request. There are many individuals down the line who cannot do their job until that document is provided. A smooth and timely closing depends on your cooperation.