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Nihil Obstat for the True Life in God messages.
Nihil Obstat for the True Life in God messages.

Nihil Obstat

Vassula Ryden is a visionary, a modern-day prophet chosen by God to disseminate  messages from God directly to the world.  With her consent, she has been writing down the words given directly to her through locution.  These are sacred writings.  They do not replace sacred Scripture.  These messages supplement the Word of God.

Read the handwritten notebooks containing the original True Life in God messages at:

Read the same messages in the typeset version in a turning page format at: .

Order the one-volume book and carry it with your Bible and your prayer materials:  Start at the beginning and read it daily.

Spread the word.  Tell everyone you know.

These messages are for everyone.  Wherever you read the name Vassula replace it with your own name.  God is speaking to you!

If  you are interested in joining an ecumenical TLIG prayer group, please call Debbie at 918-724-8201 or go to and find a TLIG prayer group near you.

This is the real deal!

Vassula has always operated without an office, a formal secretary nor paid staff. And despite this, the message has been able to move non-stop around the world. The reason for this is the hard work of the associations and single individuals who volunteer for TLIG without receiving any money or salary and sometimes not even recognition. They work quietly behind the scenes – in service to God. This is a unique and precious “Jewel” we have in TLIG – the messages and the ability to be able to come and work in this lush vineyard of spirituality. (quoted from: “Jesus Style” – What is a TLIG Association? 2006-03-03)

If you are Roman Catholic and wish to understand the official position of the Vatican regarding the True Life in God messages, then please read the following document published in 2004. [You can flip through all 34 pages by scrolling to the bottom of the image and clicking on the arrows to flip the pages.]

True Life in God Clarifications with the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith