"Oh, They Didn't Need You. The County Did The Inspection"

“Oh, They Didn’t Need You. The County Did The Inspection”

This blog and the accompanying blog in the hyperlink to this house beautifully illustrate why homebuyers should hire a home inspector.

I recommend using a PE (Professional Engineer) to look at structural issues.

The purpose of the home inspection is to discover whether or not you want to stay in the deal, not to have the home rebuilt prior to closing.

Read this blog and chase down the hyperlink.  You will be shocked!

How do I approach this post?

Unbelievably I was called and scheduled to inspect this house.

When I had looked at it previously I did not know the Flipper, but I did know, from reading the sign, that the house had been purchased by and was being remodeled by one of the local Counties.  It was then to be “sold” to some family unable to purchase it without some form of assistance.  What disgusted me when I saw it previously was that the Flipper was an unbelievable con artist and that some poor soul was to live in that house.

It turns out that “poor soul” was going to be my client and I was chomping at the bit to inspect this place!!

Not knowing exactly when it was to be finished, the Realtor asked me to wait for a call to confirm the date.

THE CALL NEVER CAME.  And being busy with scheduled inspections, I forgot about it.

Then yesterday the same Realtor called to schedule something different.  Remembering this house, I had to ask about it!

“Oh, they didn’t need you.  The County did the inspection.”

This is coming from a Realtor!  I couldn’t believe it!!  “The County doesn’t employ home inspectors.  Who did the inspection?”

“The contractor who did the work.  He walked them around showing them everything he did.  The house looked beautiful!  They were real happy.  They are in it now.  Since the inspection was FREE, we didn’t need to call you.”

Aggghhh!  I have to say, my heart sank!

Here is a couple who CLEARLY doesn’t know what they don’t know.  And they have bought a house!

And they are getting and accepting very bad advice from many sources!

  • They can’t afford a house without assistance.
  • They have put their trust in the County, their Realtor and this schmuck contractor.
  • They have “bought” a house that was so unsafe outside, this home inspector was AFRAID to go inside!
  • They think all home inspections are the same, that a walk through is a home inspection and that it is FREE, so it must be a good deal!
  • They are so strapped they can’t afford a home inspection.  Then they CERTAINLY can’t afford future repairs.  And there will be future repairs!!
  • THIS is the crux of the sub-prime problem.  We are still in it.

I have to say, honestly, that Mr. Jay is really, really, really tempted to send her a link to his blog about this house, but probably won’t.  No point in stirring that pot.  I think the house will stir it soon enough!

My recommendation:  if you ever, ever, ever feel like a home does not need a home inspection, ESPECIALLY if it was remodeled by a Flipper or “the County,” call me so I can gently, quietly and politely PILE DRIVE SOME SENSE INTO YOUR HEAD!


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