Pipe and Cable Horse Fencing Installation

Pipe and Cable Horse Fencing Installation

Pipe and Cable Horse Fencing Installation

Here’s a new pipe and cable horse fencing installation at Fleur de Lis Farm in Nowata, Oklahoma.

It was professionally installed and so I thought these photos may be helpful for someone who wants to weld their own fencing.  This installation is particularly well done.

In this case, the owner saved about $2 per foot by using lightly used pipe.  Overall, this installation was economical and provides safe and sturdy fencing for horses.

Pipe and Cable Horse Fencing Installation in Nowata, Oklahoma

This is a new installation by a company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This fence was recently installed behind the house.  Eventually there will be a small barn and a horse here.

What I like especially about this fencing is that it does not disrupt the sight lines when looking out across the pastures.


Here is a 12-foot gate.

Mane protectors where the cable connects to the posts

Heavy plastic sheathing covers the point at which the cable is attached to the post.  This is to protect the horses’ manes.  The owner calls them Mane Protectors.

4-foot Walk-Through People Gate

This is the walk-through people gate.  The owner wishes it were just a bit wider because they did not leave quite enough width to drive the ZTR lawn mower through.  Notice the strong posts to either side of the gate and the mane protectors on the cable.

In the distance you can see a corner post across the pasture where the pipe and cable meets a corner of barbed wire.

Eventually the barbed wire will be replaced when there is another chunk of change to put in another section of pipe and cable fencing.  This will be done before a horse is put in the pasture.  A barn is yet to be built beforePegasus comes to his new home.

Corner post near a gate installation

This corner post is where  the pipe and cable fencing meets a barbed wire fence.  There is a gate to the right and so the fencing had to be very sturdy.

The fence encloses an area of pasture behind the house

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