Polished Granite is Out — Polished Wood is In — What are You Seeing in RainLand?

Polished Granite is Out — Polished Wood is In — that is according to an article that Mike Beirne wrote forBrandweek (see:  Affluent Look to Facelifts for the Home  / -By Mike Beirne, Oct 10, 2008).

I remember more than a year ago I read in the CRS Specialist that granite is “so 2006!”and concrete and glass is coming in.  However, while I have been keeping an eye out for a reversal of the trend to emphasize granite, everyone here is still in love with the look of granite.

New construction is still very zha zha about granite.  It’s still in all our local upscale magazines. What are you seeing in your market?

For more kitchen design trends, go to the new website for Wolf and Sub-Zero:  There are some pretty examples of the polished wood on the You-Tube video.

“Simple white” is coming back with wood being used to bring warmth.

Pastel spring colors are in.

Streamlined, handle-free cabinet designs — less of everything — getting away from the elaborately carved corbels and moldings.

So there you have it.  Kitchens will once again be functional — for cooking.  Pretty, yes, but no longer elaborate fashion statements.