Sellers Guide

Information for Home Sellers

A Guide Through the Phases of Selling Your Home

Needs of Tulsa Home Sellers

What Debbie Solano Does for Sellers

When homeowners are asked what they need most from a REALTOR when selling their home, farm, ranch or vacant land in Tulsa, these are the services Tulsans they say they need most from their REALTOR. Debbie Solano meets the needs of Tulsa home sellers by providing services to meet those most important needs:

  • Help seller market home to potential buyers
  • Help sell the home within a specific time frame
  • Determine direction and velocity of market through absorption rate analysis
  • Help price the home competitively
  • Help find a buyer for home
  • Help seller find ways to fix up home
  • Help with negotiations and dealing with buyers
  • Help with paperwork
  • Help with inspections
  • Help with preparing for settlement
  • Help seller see homes available to purchase
  • Help create and post videos to provide tour of the home
  • Create web pages and websites to market properties and more!

I am working on an online comprehensive Seller’s Guide, but in the meantime, please refer to the Buyer’s Guide for information about the buying and selling process.

To make an appointment for me to come and show you how we will market your home, your farm, or your ranch, please call me on my cell phone at (918) 724-8201 or contact me by email at