This Funny Video Shows How to Behave Online

This funny video clip shows how to behave online.

There are a number of people in my office who are just becoming acquainted with social networking and so they are somewhat in the dark about what to do.  I still am in the dark, too…. although I am really trying hard to figure it out.  While much of it is trial and error, I have to say that most of my education has come from reading Active Rain posts, especially those from the administrators like Active Brad.

This morning a nice email came to me with a link to a Trulia community manager’s blog, 15 tips on how to behave in an online community.  It contains some good advice and may be helpful to my colleagues who are just discovering my blog and my obsession with Active Rain.

In that blog is a link to this video clip showing how to behave online.  The video is funny and will explain a lot to newbies.  I must admit that I am putting it in my blog so that I can easily find it again in the same way that I embedded Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s political skit.

Have fun watching this.